Top Qualities to Look for in a Challenge Coin Maker

Challenge Coin Maker

Challenge coins have a long history with the military but are now used in other organizations. They can inspire a sense of pride and brotherhood among team members and encourage morale in the workplace. After the coin is struck, it must be polished to smooth the rough edges and surface. This is a critical step in creating the perfect custom challenge coin. Challenge coins are a great way to commemorate special events or those once-in-a-lifetime accomplishments. They also make an excellent keepsake and a highly desirable gift! To get started, customers usually provide a rough sketch or simple descriptions of what they need the coin to represent. This allows Embleholics to make several basic designs that customers can choose from.

Design Ability

Design ability is a crucial part of creating the perfect challenge coin. The right designer can transform your concept into a work of art that your team will treasure for years. A custom challenge coin is a metal medallion that bears the symbol or logo of a group or organization. The group members carry or display these coins to show pride and camaraderie. These coins can also honor a specific event, achievement, or person. Choosing the best design for your challenge coin can be difficult. You want to ensure the coin reflects your group or organization and its mission. It also needs to be unique and stand out from the competition. In addition, the size of the coin is a factor in its design. It should be small enough to fit in a pocket but still have a clear, crisp image. A good challenge coin maker will have many designs and shapes. They will also offer different options for the plating of your coins. These options include soft enamel, offset digital printing and epoxy resin. Other considerations include your coin’s edging, color, and finishing. Some companies offer dual-plating, where the coin is plated in one finish (nickel), and then the banners or center area are finished in another color (such as gold). These finishing touches can add to the overall look of your coin.


Custom challenge coins are a great way to recognize an employee, celebrate a milestone, or show appreciation for a remarkable accomplishment. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and finishes and can be customized to suit the needs of any group or organization. Traditionally, challenge coins are minted for military troops and law enforcement personnel, but they have become famous for companies, fraternities, and clubs. If you have a custom challenge coin design in mind, make sure your maker can take it from start to finish. They should also allow you to see a digital proof of the final product before production begins. This is an important step that can help you avoid costly mistakes. Custom challenge coins are an honored tradition that started in the military and continues today to honor members of various organizations, recognize achievements, and connect people who share the same experiences. They are an excellent way to commemorate a significant event or milestone and can be made in various shapes, sizes, and finishes. Whether you choose to have your challenge coins gold or silver plated, these finishing touches will add a sense of prestige and value to the final products. This step is also a great way to highlight specific details, such as the edging of your coins. The size of your custom challenge coin will determine how much it costs to produce. Most companies offer sizes to suit your needs, from small to large. The coin’s thickness also affects the price, with thicker coins being more expensive than thinner ones.

Customer Service

Whether you need a challenge coin to honor an employee or coworker, celebrate an event or accomplishment, promote your business or organization, or recognize camaraderie amongst your team members, they have the experience to transform your vision into a metal that will be cherished forever. They create digital proof for your review and approval using your artwork. If you have any changes, they are happy to make them until you are satisfied with your coin design. Once your design is approved, they begin production. Once completed, they send you a confirmation email and a tracking number so that you can monitor your order status. Their manufacturing process allows them to produce high-quality coins at a low price. Their quality control standards ensure your custom challenge coin is perfect and meets all your specifications. They deliver your custom coin within one to four weeks of your artwork approval. Their customer service is outstanding. They take great delight in your coin project and understand what it means to you. They are dedicated to providing you with the best quality and service in the industry. Allow them to handle your coin needs; you won’t be dissatisfied. They have many positive reviews on Trust Pilot and are a highly recommended challenge coin maker.

Competitive Pricing

It’s essential to find a challenging coin maker that offers competitive pricing. This is because the price of a challenge coin depends on many factors. For example, some manufacturers provide bulk discounts to lower coin costs. Also, the type of metal used impacts the price. For instance, coins made from copper are more expensive than those made from zinc. The design of the coin also affects the price. For example, intricate designs require more labor and time to produce.

Additionally, certain features, like custom edges, can increase the cost of a coin. These include spur-cut, ridged, diamond-cut, oblique line, and bevel-cut. Moreover, the coin’s finish is an essential factor affecting a challenge coin’s overall cost. For example, a soft enamel coin is more affordable than a hard one. Also, a 2D effect is cheaper than a 3D effect. Lastly, the number of coins ordered impacts the per-unit cost. For this reason, it’s crucial to select a challenge coin maker with low or no minimum order quantities.


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