10 Ways to Ensure You Can Make Your Rent this Month

10 Ways to Ensure You Can Make Your Rent this Month

When you’re struggling to make rent, the weight of the pressure that builds up can be difficult to handle. Especially if you’re working hard, and still struggling to make rent, the frustration of not being sure if you’ll make rent can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are ways to make rent by using assistance and job programs that are widely available. To help you make rent this month, here are ten ways to ensure you can make your rent this month:

1. Teach Others a New Skill

When you have a skill that’s valuable, you already have everything you need to make extra cash contained within your mind.  Whether you join an established tutor service, or simply offer your teaching services online independently, you can begin making money by spreading your knowledge around the world.

2. Contacting a Local Rental Assistance Program

Sometimes you simply do not have the time or resources to secure rent on time. When this happens, you can look to your local government, and other community organizations, that are set up to help people in need. Especially if you have a family under your roof, there are many quality financial assistance programs in Houston for you to consider.

3. Babysitting

If you are skilled with kids, you can make a lot of extra income by babysitting in your free time. There are lots of apps, agencies, and other services that can help you find babysitting jobs quickly as well. If you’re not working nights, and don’t mind the extra labor, babysitting can help you make rent much more easily.

4. Pet Sitting

Speaking of sitter work, pet sitting is another lucrative opportunity to make money in your free time. Pet sitting is much easier for many people, as pets are low maintenance when compared to children. If you love animals, this is also a great way to enjoy the company of some new furry pals.

5. Ride Sharing and Food Delivery

Few contracting jobs are as accessible and lucrative as ride-sharing and food delivery apps. You can easily make more than $20 an hour through apps like Doordash, Uber, and Lyft. As long as you have a vehicle that can handle some extra miles, you can make money in your free time through these apps. Some people have even made these jobs their full-time way of bringing in income.

6. Selling Secondhand Goods

Is your house cluttered with a lot of things you don’t need? Or maybe you’re just looking to make some quick cash. Either way, selling books, clothing, movies, and other products that you no longer need can lead to fast money. There are many thrift stores that will pay you well for nice clothing, rare vinyls, and other objects, so scan your home to see if you’ve got valuable items to sell. Even selling your items online on your own can be a great way to bring in more income.

7. Walking Dogs

If you’re not set up to host animals in your home, walking dogs can be a great alternative that allows you to make money while hanging out with cute pups. Similar to many other services, there are plenty of apps that will hook you up with dog walking gigs immediately. Also, dog walking is great for your heart health and mental well-being!

8. Secret Shopping

Shopping can be very relaxing. However, if you want to make money, and stimulate your inner spy, secret shopping is a great option to make more income. You will shop in stores, eat in restaurants, and more all on the dime of the company that hires you. Your job is simply to evaluate the quality of the service and products at the places you’re secretly shopping at.

9. Donate Blood, Plasma, or Eggs

If you’re able to, donating blood, plasma, eggs, sperm, or marrow can let you grab some quick cash, all while you’re helping others in need. You can even get tax deductions through these donations, so make sure you study up on the process, and what’s in it for you, before pulling the trigger.

10. Make Cuts to Your Insurance Plans

Depending on the laws where you live, and your lifestyle, you might be able to make significant cuts to your monthly costs by lowering the premiums on your insurance plans. Just be careful to ensure you’re making cuts that will not cost you down the line.

You Do Not Need to Stress About Rent Month after Month

By following these tips, you can find a new work schedule and workload that will ensure that you’re making rent month after month. By putting hard work and knowledge of extra income-making schemes together, you’ll be able to rest easy as rent day peaks around the corner every month.

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