3 Website Design Ideas to Try This 2023

Website Design Ideas

Six in 10 consumers say they will never return to a poorly designed and laid out website. Even more concerning is that such a decision applies to sites they’ve only visited once.

That figure further highlights the importance of ensuring a satisfactory user experience (UX).

Website design, in turn, influences UX. After all, if a site looks fantastic, works great, and is easy to navigate, visitors would love perusing it.

To that end, we came up with this guide listing the top website design ideas for 2023. Keep reading to learn what they are and why your site should feature them.

  1. More Customizable Site-Viewing Options

This 2023, UX will gear more toward customizable web design options.

A perfect example is a functionality that lets users toggle between light and dark modes. Other must-have website features are resizable fonts, cursors, and subtitle or audio options. Users will also want sites they visit to be compatible with screen readers.

Such features are crucial to modern website design as they enhance site accessibility. The more accessible a site is, the easier they are to navigate. As a result, visitors are more likely to stay and explore accessible sites than those that aren’t.

  1. Lightweight and Efficient

Were you aware that 5G can reach speeds of 1 to 10 Gbps? That’s a far cry from 4G/LTE’s average speeds of 15 to 50 Mbps.

However, regardless of how fast 5G is, it won’t do much if your site design causes web pages to take forever to load. That’s a massive problem because slow-loading sites lead to higher bounce rates. For instance, over half of mobile site visitors leave sites that don’t load within 3 seconds.

So with 5G becoming more widespread, more people will surely get irked with slow sites. Thus, lightweight and efficient web design will become even more vital this 2023. One of the best techniques for this is converting JPEG and PNG files to WebP.

WebP is a modern, compact image format that retains high-quality images. However, the files themselves are much smaller in size. Therefore, you don’t have to sacrifice image quality for a faster loading site.

  1. Custom Cursors

While custom cursors are mainly aesthetic, they also make for immersive website features. They help enhance the overall appearance of your incredible-looking site and layout. You can even use them as a unique branding tool for your site.

For example, you can change the boring default arrow cursor to your brand logo. You can also customize it with an original image (e.g., a photo of one of your products). You can even opt for an animated cursor.

To see one example of an eye-catching custom cursor in action, check it out here.

Consider These Website Design Ideas This 2023

From customization to WebP usage, these are some of the top website design ideas for 2023. Don’t forget about custom cursors, which are fun, immersive, and ideal branding tools.

Together, those design elements can help make your site more engaging. As a result, they can attract more visitors and repeat visits. So, consider incorporating all our ideas into your website as early as today.

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