Few Tips For Protecting The Click Fraud

Click Fraud

Paying attention to other kinds of scams is your best bet. PPC advertising is an online marketing strategy, so set objectives and monitor your efforts closely. The following tips are for click fraud protection to secure yourself.

Purchase software that generates specialised reference reports

ClickTracks and Clicks2Customers are two top services that provide search reports that will assist you in identifying any content-targeted websites that are delivering suspiciously large numbers of users to your site. ClickTracks also assists you in preparing a scam report if you need to substantiate your case to a search engine company. 

Adjust your aim

Broad selection exposes your ad strategy to click fraud. Optimise your ad demographic and targeting, particularly by geographic area, to reduce the likelihood of false hits and invalid traffic on your advertisements. Google allows you to get granular with geo-location, so if you’re unfamiliar, check out their targeting suggestions to focus your ad expenditure. You can exclude entire nations and places you don’t want people to click on your advertisements or even particular cities or zip codes.

Examine your show ad locations

Did you realise you can see where your banner advertisements have appeared? If you want to investigate the websites displaying your ads, follow Google’s instructions. Many websites get built up to host advertisements. Publishers then drive low-quality visitors, inflating the ad income payout. (this is classic ad fraud behaviour). If you examine a site, it appears full of low-quality or plagiarised content, with many ad banners and popups. 

Keep a watch on your advertising data

When you operate a paid advertising campaign, you should see various analytics about the success of your advertisements. The conversion rate and click-through rate (CTR) are two important metrics. Maintain a careful watch on your PPC statistics for click fraud protection. If you begin seeing click fraud, your analytics will show it. Your CTR may suddenly increase, but your conversion rate remains unchanged — if this occurs, it is most likely due to fake views.

Price Can Be Important

When using PPC advertising, you tell the provider how much you get willing to pay per click. By adjusting these options, you can improve your responses while reducing the chance of click fraud. You can discover formulas to assist you with the results you want online. A decent rule of thumb is to start modestly, monitor the outcomes, and raise the bid as needed.

Become Technical

Do you merely lack the resources to deal with scams on your own? If this is the case, get external tools available to assist you in limiting click fraud, such as software intended to detect and prevent incorrect interactions. One such company is ClickGUARD, which we mentioned earlier. It will be an expense, but combating click fraud with solutions designed especially for that purpose is sensible.

Fraud Solutions in Layers

Unfortunately, there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to all forms of fraud. Merchants and marketers get recommended to use numerous fraud tools in the league for the best results. While this is not a particular solution to click fraud, it will lower your total risk exposure and help you safeguard your revenue.

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