Top 7 Facts About Joe Biden

Joe Biden has spent his entire life in politics, serving in the Senate for 36 years and in the Obama administration for eight.

The muscular former vice-president Biden, whose life has been characterised by family tragedies and political defeats, announced that he is gaining enough states to win the presidency in America’s razor-thin election.

The former vice president stated in his home state of Delaware that he would not declare victory, but that he believed he was on track to receive enough electoral college votes to defeat President Donald Trump. Mr. Biden stated, “It seems evident that we are accumulating enough electoral votes to win the presidency.” I am not here to announce that we have won, but I can report that when the final tally is made, we feel we will be the winners.”

But what do we know about the man who could be the next president? The Independent listed ten fascinating facts about Mr. Biden…


1) He had a childhood stammer

Top 7 Facts About Joe Biden

Mr. Biden spent his early years in Scranton, Philadelphia, before relocating to Wilmington, Delaware at the age of ten. His friends made fun of his crippling stammer at school. When he attempted to utter his last name, they would scream out “goodbye.”

2) Mr Biden participated in high school football

Top 7 Facts About Joe Biden

The former vice president played American football at the Catholic preparatory school Archmere Academy. He played wide receiver and running back, receiving 19 touchdown passes while playing both positions.

3) He was conscripted for the Vietnam War but failed the medical examination.

After completing law school at Syracuse University, a young Joe Biden was drafted to serve in the Vietnam War. Due to his asthma, he failed the physical examination.

4) If elected, Mr. Biden, age 77, would become the oldest president ever sworn in.

Top 7 Facts About Joe Biden

Before obtaining the Democratic nomination in January of this year, he stated that his age required him to choose a vice president who could take over the White House “immediately.”

In Iowa, he stated that there are “at least eight women and at least four or five individuals of colour” who are “completely qualified to be vice president.”
“However, it must be proved to me that whoever I choose is two things,” the 2020 candidate concluded. “Because I’m an elderly man, I’m not qualified to be president.”

5) He ran for president for the first time in 1987 and for the second time in 2008

Mr. Biden dropped out and became Barack Obama‘s running mate. However, it wasn’t always obvious that this would be the case, especially after his then-Democratic opponent was impolitely described as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate, brilliant, clean, and good-looking.”

6) He experienced a family catastrophe.

In 1972, Mr. Biden lost his first wife, Neilia, and their infant daughter, Naomi, in an automobile accident. Beau and Hunter, his two sons, were also in the truck but survived. In 2015, his eldest son Beau died of brain cancer.

7) His preferred film is Chariots of Fire

Top 7 Facts About Joe Biden

In an interview in 2008, the Democrat stated, “Chariots of Fire” is definitely my favourite film.

“However, the truth of the problem is that there is a location where someone placed personal fame and glory over ethics. When someone would accomplish that, I consider them to be a true hero.”

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