Proven Ways To Get High-Quality Traffic Consistently With Promotional Videos

Proven Ways To Get High-Quality Traffic Consistently With Promotional Videos

Is your website experiencing a slow inrush of quality organic traffic and an even slower conversion rate? You can turn this around on its head through strategic leveraging of promotional videos.

Videos have the unparalleled potential to capture and retain audiences’ attention effectively. Your online business ideas will materialize successfully if you reach out to targeted leads through immersive videos across various marketing touchpoints.

In the USA alone, spending on digital promo videos exceeded 55 billion dollars last year. It is projected to go past 78 billion dollars by 2023, which is an astounding two-fold increase from 2019.

This speaks volumes about promo videos’ ability to motivate leads to spend more time on your website exploring various products or services on offer. Different analytics platforms provide cutting-edge insights to measure the efficacy of your deployed videos.

Based on the feedback, you can make needful changes to videos to increase the audience engagement quotient.

7 Proven Ways to Drive in Highly Qualified Traffic with Promotional Videos

Promo videos can offer you rich returns on investment if you factor in proven viewer engagement aspects during creation. You can get actionable insights below on optimizing promo videos to enhance your brand’s visibility, credibility, and outreach.

Create Promo Videos with Specific Goals in Mind

Random videos with meaningless content can distract social audiences and may trigger bad word-of-mouth promotion of your brand. Before creating a video and buy cheap instagram views, the objective should be spelled out. Your video may be meant to:

  • Introduce a new product or service
  • Promote a particular offering
  • Inform and train viewers entertainingly on ways to get the best results by using your product
  • Share some exciting info with social audiences
  • Post reviews by satisfied customers or words of wisdom by influencers
  • Announce ambitious future plans or expansion strategies

Once the reason is established, you may creatively use a feature-packed promo video maker to make innovative videos consistent with your brand’s image.

Create Promo Videos with Specific Goals in Mind

Make Videos That Can Emotionally Resonate with the Viewers

The Internet is filled with promo videos that demonstrate brand offerings with high-quality, extravagant graphics. Such content gradually loses appeal and can’t potentially rope in long-term customers decisively, although the aesthetics may please the eyes.

To stand out, your video has to impact the audience emotionally. People, particularly those who frequent social platforms, desire stimulating content that can deliver a quick emotional punch or, say, an adrenalin rush, for example.

Any video that can bring about a surge in emotion will instantly become a hit with viewers. They will be intuitively motivated to learn more about the brand that has created it and may better respond to the website’s CTA (Call to Action).

Next time you use a promo video maker, remember to embed emotions that can make viewers laugh, cry, be confident, or be influenced by a particular emotion. The atmospherics of the video must have a personal touch.

Convey Information in a Fun and Visually Engaging Format

Viewers don’t like watching drab videos with bland lectures or sophisticated content they can’t make sense of. Choose an information delivery style that can outlive the short attention span of viewers.

Some style ideas for promo videos include:

  • Live-action sketch or whiteboard animation for showcasing social advertisements
  • Motion graphics for visual communication of complex details about a product’s constitution or functioning
  • Background music accompanying the text in verbose videos
  • Talk by an Influencer with a knack for playing with words and a witty sense of humor

Refrain from showing too much information. The motto of the promo video is to create curiosity among audiences so that they go to your website to explore more.

Keep the Video Length Short

The shorter the promo video, the better its outcome. The length of any marketing video should not exceed 10 minutes. An ideal video is 2 minutes long because viewer engagement starts getting lesser with every second that lapses after this duration.

The duration of about 56% of the promo videos doing rounds on social platforms is less than 2 minutes. If the video’s length is lesser than 1 minute, viewers watch the complete video and take the desired action. On content-sharing platforms like Instagram, videos lesser than half a minute receive maximum comments.

Never Compromise with Video Quality

Promo video’s magnetic power depends significantly on its quality. Poor quality video not only distracts viewers or tests their patience but also turns them away irrevocably. You cannot risk the reputation of your brand by posting shabbily-created videos.

To make a good quality video, you need a good promo video maker which has all the useful editing and mixing features at your disposal. The video maker must offer ease of importing, integrating, cutting, trimming, joining, rotating, embedding musical tracks, and exporting footage.

The features offered should be simple enough so that a person with no technical skills can also use them. The output must be accompanied by an HTML code.

Retain Your Brand’s Signature Style in All Videos

The videos you post as part of your eCommerce SEO strategy should be consistent with the defining signature style of your brand.

The color scheme, logo, font type, graphics, and other visual styles should be almost the same across all videos. This will help potential customers to recognize and relate to your brand.

Post the Finished Video on Relevant Channels with High Viewer Turnout

Your focus should be on making the finished video viral so that maximum eyeballs can be grabbed. Ideally, you can target those social channels for posting videos that offer the auto-run feature, are frequented by maximum viewers, and optimize the video for both web and mobile display.

The top social channels that you can count on to get maximum traffic on the brand’s site are:

  • YouTube which has the reputation of being 2nd largest search engine after Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Once the fan following of your brand’s social channel grows, you can start spending on ads to get more traffic from promo videos.


Promo videos can return rich dividends when their creation and deployment are carefully integrated with your eCommerce SEO strategy after factoring in viewer sentiments and market trends. You can place engaging videos in:

  • Landing and/or general pages of your website
  • Promotional emails sent to prospects
  • Social media pages
  • Webinar segments
  • Online event invitations
  • Annual reports, newsletters, and other such brand-driven online content

Never ignore the viewer metrics offered by Analytics tools, as these offer you undiluted insights into the actual performance of promo videos. Focus on creating videos similar to those that make viewers spend optimum time watching them. Although the video is a promotion, you must refrain from putting in excess of the sales pitch and concentrate more on the audience’s entertainment.


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